Fermentation Vats
Fermentation Vats

Italian made fermentation vats in food grade plastic with provision for an optional 1 inch ball valve tap and filter screen. Lids available for 500lt and 700lt vats only.

Sizes available

- 1000L (920kg red ferment)   H 950mm x W 1340mm

- 700L  (650kg red ferment)   H 900mm x W 1150mm

- 500L  (460kg red ferment)   H 820mm x W 1040mm

- 350L  (320kg red ferment)   H 710mm x W 950mm

- 225L  (210kg red ferment)   H 540mm x W 860mm

- 110L vat to fit under crusher destemmer H 300mm x W 80mm

- Lids available to suit 500 litre vat & 700 litre vat size